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Table Tennis Table Dimensions

Table tennis is played with 2 or 4 players, those who hit the balls with the rackets back & forth across the table just like the way it happens in a lawn tennis. While in table tennis the rules, the requirements, and the dimensions are slightly different. Just like, when you are playing, it [...]

Table Tennis Set

Table tennis set is one of the most essential equipments, which are required by the person who has started with the learning of this wonderful game. However, the table tennis set also forms as the equipment of a professional tennis player as well. Table tennis set is essential and without which you cannot move a [...]

Table Tennis Training

There are many table tennis beginners who don’t really bother about undergoing training, rather they straightaway head towards the table to play the games. that will be fine to play the game or if you just want to hit the ball with the racket, but when you are planning to groom with your table tennis [...]

Table Tennis Tournament

Table tennis is one of the most popular games of the world and so a table tennis tournament has become one of the cherished and pleasures events throughout the world. Therefore, if you are an amateur or a professional tennis player, you can enjoy the different table tennis tournaments arranged all over the world. The [...]

Table tennis tables

Table tennis is an interesting sport, which can improve your hand –eye coordination up to a great extent. However, with time this sport has gained immense popularity and playing table tennis on table tennis tables is truly a fun experience. Playing table tennis is a sort of exercise, which is short and extremely energetic. It [...]

Table Tennis Table

Every sport has its own specialty, to know about any sports or to enjoy it one has to be familiar with the information associated with a particular sport. Table Tennis is a game played on a thick or a hard Table Tennis table.
Following article carries a clear concept of the Table Tennis Table. So, let’s [...]

Table Tennis Racquets

Right table tennis racquets help in boosting the game of a player. Some well-known firms such as Wilson, Head, Yonex, Babolat and Prince etc manufacture the racquets. These companies introduce new types of tennis racquets each and every year. The table tennis racquets that you want to opt for will certainly depend on your budget. [...]

Table tennis racket

In recent years if we notice, there is a high change in the advancement technology of the table tennis equipments.
Table Tennis Racket- In simple term “racket” means “bat”. Racket is an official name given by “International Table Tennis Federation”. A table tennis racket is basically made up of laminated wood. The wooden plate is covered [...]

Table Tennis Paddles

In the table tennis game, table tennis paddles are basically used to hit the tennis ball over another side of the net. The height of the net is six inch. The players keep on hitting the ball with the table tennis paddles until and unless any one player misses a chance. The structure as well [...]

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