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Ping Pong Table

Want to choose the best ping pong table? Now, how’s that possible with tens and thousands of such tables available in the market? Well, this is where I am going to help you out! First and foremost, turn a deaf ear towards the claims put forward by the manufacturers. Unless you’re an expert aiming to [...]

Table Tennis Paddle

Selection of a perfect table tennis paddle generally varies from the beginners to the professionals. Players should not entertain any “readymade” paddle, as it affects the quality of the shots. In the following paragraph we will discuss about the techniques of holding a table tennis paddle. The process of holding Table Tennis paddle affects the performance [...]

Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is considered to be a remarkable sport that plays a vital role in enhancing the co-ordination of your eye as well as hand. In fact, you can play this sport all alone (by keeping a section of the table folded at a ninety-degree angle) or considering playing it with a partner. Moreover, you [...]

Outdoor Table Tennis

To some, table tennis is nothing but a sport that needs to be practiced indoors! But friends what about a change! Or rather what about opting for outdoor table tennis…great idea isn’t it? Yes, the outdoor form of the game is also gaining prominence with time. Let’s find out how.

Outdoor Table Tennis Table
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Outdoor Table Tennis Table