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Table Tennis Nets

Table Tennis is the most popular and prestigious game. It is controlled by the (ITTF), International Table Tennis Federation. The federation started functioning in the year 1926 and was introduced in “Olympic sports in1988”. Two players or four hit a void light weight ball by rackets.
Rackets are also known as bats or “paddles”. Table Tennis is [...]

Make it through the table tennis net

Among all other important equipments required for table tennis sport, a table tennis net is considered to be very important. The net is available in regulation size. It should not be more than the length of 6 inches. Table tennis net is being tied on both its sides on the tennis clip. The net is [...]

Table Tennis Conversion Top- An Added Element

A table tennis set has different parts that you should understand well before knowing the game. Apart from the table, a ball, net, bats, a conversion top is another part that is present on the table tennis set. Now what is it and where is it located? Well…a table tennis conversion top is basically that [...]

Stiga Table tennis- the brand game

Table tennis is a sport that has been popular since a long time. In this sport, usually 2 or 4 players are involved. The players hit a light and hollow ball with their rackets. The table tennis, as the name suggests is played on a particular table. It is quite interesting to watch this game. [...]

Stiga Table Tennis Table- The Platform to Play

Are you a lover of table tennis? If your answer is yes, in that case buying the best table tennis table would be the first step that you would have to take. Now the question that can arise in your mind is that which table tennis table to go for? Well…if you are looking [...]

Stiga table tennis rackets

Choose the Best Racket To Make The Best Stroke
Do you want to buy a new table tennis racket or change the old one for improving the game, well…now it is the time to do so?  You can improve the quality of the game with the help of stiga table tennis rackets. These rackets are one [...]

Perfect Paddles for Table Tennis – stiga table tennis paddles

Have you always been fond of the game table tennis since a long time? Well…in that case here is the opportunity for you to learn more about it. To play table tennis, there are certain important equipments that are very important. However, the most crucial ones are rackets, balls, nets and paddles. The paddles are [...]

Stiga Table Tennis Cover

Choosing the Right Table Tennis Cover
If you have already purchased a table tennis board, the next most important thing that you need to do is purchase a cover for the table tennis. The cover will protect it when you are not using it. There are different covers available for different kinds of tables. All these [...]

Hit It like a Master Player with Your Table Tennis Bats

The table tennis bats are the most crucial equipments of the game. Without a good bat, you will not be able to make that master- stroke that usually champions make. The right tennis bats will not only help you to make the perfect stroke but it will also give you enough confidence to play [...]

The Right Table Tennis Bat- The Main Striking Tool

Among the most important equipments of table tennis, a table tennis bat is considered to be very important if not the most important. A table tennis bat is also known as paddle or racket. The table tennis bat basically has two parts. The blades are made of rubber on both its sides where as the [...]

Hit It like a Master Player with Your Table Tennis Bats
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